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When they finally led me into the smoky office, I was already quite irritated, and Golovko's satisfied mug was not in the mood CasinoSenligneca.


He sat proudly at a shabby yellow table. Papers were laid out in an artistic disorder in front of him, and in an ashtray there was a pile of cigarette butts, which clearly demonstrated the intensity of mental police work. To the right is a small window with a chain-link grill, to the left is a row of chairs. On one of them, a full bald major toiled, fidgeting with his exhausted ass.

- Well, your turn has come, or, rather, your hands have reached. Sit down please. Golovko made an inviting gesture with his palm.

I sat down in a chair across from him, facing the major. She set her bag down on the floor and took out cigarettes from its pocket. Golovko clicked his lighter:

- That's what we smoke! That's right, such a beautiful girl can't be poisoned by any muck. Well, we are modest people, law-abiding and very busy.


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